High Risk Credit Card Processing for UK High Risk Merchants

Not every business is high risk and so not every merchant is in need of high risk credit card processing services. Keeping this in mind we have made sure that all our high risk merchant account customers in UK get specialized services especially when it comes to high risk credit card processing.

What sets our UK High Risk Merchant Accounts apart

What sets our UK high risk merchant accounts apart from others is the worldwide acceptance. Situated in the UK, with our offshore high risk merchant accounts your business is accepted around the world, whether it’s the US, Canada, Asia, Panama or any European country. Merchants find it relatively easy to open a high risk merchant account with Instabill as they no longer have to worry about banks denying their merchant account requests due to high volume sales, potential chargeback and the high risk factors.

UK High Risk Merchants we approve of

We approve all kinds of high risk merchants for high risk credit card processing in UK, including:

  • Online Casino/Gaming Merchants
  • Adult Service Providers
  • Online Pharmacy Websites
  • Travel Businesses
  • Telemarketing
  • Replica Products
  • Sports wagering
  • E-wallet/ e-cash
  • Online tobacco/ cigarette

High Risk Credit Card Processing in UK with Instabill

In order to process online orders it is necessary that your UK merchant account service provider provides you with the most popular form of payment - credit card processing. Without this you are losing almost 75% of your target market and potential traffic. In today's e-commerce world credit card has not only simplified the billing and ordering process for customers and merchants alike but also enables impulsive buying. For customers and merchants alike, credit card processing allows four methods of payments, online, by phone, mail and fax.

Our credit card processing services have a high risk credit card processing program for almost all kinds of high risk industry in UK, onshore and offshore. You can be almost anywhere on the globe and get credit card processing solutions for your high risk merchant account easily with Instabill. Whether it’s a gaming/casino merchant account, adult, online pharmacy, travel or any other industry, business owners in UK no longer have to wait for payments. With additional payment options available in addition to our credit card processing services, all our debit and credit card customers find it extremely beneficial, as this has helped improve their cash flow.

High Risk Credit Card Processing Benefits

With Instabill the ability to process credit cards online has helped merchants boost their sales and with multi currency processing and by accepting all kinds of credit cards apart from MasterCard and Visa merchants gain the advantage of earning huge revenues. Due to the non-US bank standards the processing volumes and chargeback are normally lenient. This feature proves to be very useful especially for casino/gaming and adult merchants and those business owners who do not accept credit/debit cards deny themselves huge profits as it offers merchants:

  • The Ability to accept various major credit/debit cards
  • Secure Payment Processing and Transactions
  • Cost Effective and Real time Processing Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Assistance
  • Reliable Virtual Terminal and Secure Payment Gateway
  • Online fraud and theft protection
  • Protection against credit card scam

That is why our high risk credit card processing services are trusted all over UK as the most secure and safe way of processing payments for high risk merchants.