ACH Payment Processing Benefits

ACH payment processing allows electronic processing of the credit and debit transfer batches, also enabling the funds from the customer's bank account to be debited which are then deposited into a merchant account for the purchased products or services.

Apart from being a better alternative for checks and credit cards, ACH payment processing is allowing millions to expand their online payment options and customer base helping to increase potential customers. Electronic payment processing is now taking the world with storm with many people out there who are still either credit card-less or reluctant to use them. ACH payment processing offers a safer and a much more reliable way to make a significant impact in the market.

The Federal Reserve Banks are the collective automated clearing house operators, processing almost up to 80% of transactions. ACH payment processing is a great payment option for consumers as it is reliable and secure as well as more convenient than any other payment method. More and more businesses are now turning to ACH payment processing for its varied benefits, which include:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Time saving processing
  • Convenient and Reliable
  • Accelerated fund availability
  • No late fee needed
  • No postage necessary
  • Improved Cash Management
  • Protection for Credit Rating
  • Integrated Processing

Why ACH Payment Processing for your Business?

With rapid developments in technology, now more businesses can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce and save both time and money. ACH payment processing provides you the many benefits of electronic funds transfer. Since the 90's over 15 billion transactions have been made yearly and the numbers keep increasing every year. ACH payment processing has gained consumer trust and businesses feel more confident while using it for both credit and debit deposit.

Checks are prone to getting stolen or lost and with credit cards you end up paying fees to the card company. That is where ACH payment processing is far better! With ACH payment processing your business can enjoy the convenience of the electronic funds, transfer at cheaper price along with setting up recurring debit payments, than those offered by the traditional payment methods. ACH payment processing is easy and simple. It’s low in cost and allows companies to save money and helps streamline their payment process. ACH payment processing networks process through a financial institution and so you need a third party that offers software to establish an agreement with these financial institutions to route transactions. With a merchant account provider that offers ACH payment processing, you do not need to worry about all that.

ACH processing provides an accelerated availability of funds and the funds are processed, cleared and deposited to your account within 5 business days. There is no longer any need to run to the bank or stand in the line to deposit checks, as ACH payment processing offers cost effective solutions that help reduce check and credit card associated costs. The improved cash management allows better organization of the corporate funds and ACH payment processing make you capable to manage your ACH payments and returns through a single secure portal.

Why for ACH Payment Processing

Our merchant accounts have ACH payment processing integrated in them. With a reliable and secure gateway and virtual terminal, the conjunction of the ACH payment processing network helps process the transactions safely and efficiently along with recurring billing facility. Seemingly another payment processing method, ACH payment processing is the most secure and fast service available today.

We provide you with merchant accounts that offer ACH processing. Our ACH processing software is affordable and customized allowing providing you the benefits of secure electronic funds transfer.