ACH Processing

ACH processing is used by various businesses, individuals and financial institutions as it makes them capable of better cash management and offers lower cost per transaction than the traditional wire transaction method. Various major financial intuitions and banks participate in the wide exchange of funds and information for the ACH network.

How ACH Processing works

In ACH processing, the settlement is the actual transfer of the funds to the various financial intuitions that are provided by the Federal Reserve Bank. The net debit and credit information of these intuitions are then calculated and posted to the reserve accounts. ACH credits are generally delivered within 5 business days.

ACH processing provides a secure and private electronic payment transfer system that connects almost all the financial intuitions of the U.S. It is not just a faster option but is also hassle free and provides a cheaper alternative for the eCommerce businesses. More and more eCommerce businesses are becoming dependent on the ACH processing system for their activities, allowing it to evolve further. Your bank, financial institutions and merchant account provider can help you setup an ACH process. A few basic benefits of an ACH processing system are its cost effective solutions and faster services. It makes you and your company of gaining a quick cash flow with a more flexible structure.

Why ACH Processing?

ACH Processing offers a reliable and secure electronic payment system, providing hassle free and time saving solutions for your business. With ACH processing network you can check your debit/credit and savings accounts electronically. The simple and secure tools provided make payments easier for your business. This processing system is generally valid only for the US.

There has been an impressive increase in the use of ACH processing since the past 10 years and the percentage of its users keep increasing on annual basis. More and more customers feel comfortable with ACH processing network and electronic transactions, whether it’s direct debit or direct deposit, due to its agility and convenience, providing your eCommerce business with a substantial amount of money.

With checks and credit cards you have to pay a certain charging fee and they can also get stolen or lost. ACH processing has no such hassles. Many companies now prefer ACH processing as it allows them to set up recurring debits and payments automatically. Over 12 billion transactions are now processed electronically per year around the globe with ACH processing and customers and businesses feel more comfortable with it than using other means.

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