Benefits of Online Credit Card Processing

Online Credit Card Processing - The Perfect Ecommerce Solution!

Save yourself the hassle and get the perfect ecommerce solution by acquiring an online credit card processing service as it offers many benefits. Some of them are given below:

  • Boost Sales - once merchants start accepting credit cards online their sales tend to increase by 75%.
  • Real-time - online credit card processing allows real-time internet facilities to accept credit card payments and to make online transactions.
  • Cost Effective - with online credit card processing facility merchants gain the ability to commence online credit card processing. Now they no longer have to go to the bank to deposit checks.
  • Secure Servers - at Instabill we offer secure servers so that merchants and customers feel more confident when buying and selling products online.
  • 24 Hours Technical Support - Unlike other online credit card processing services, Instabill provides 24/ 7 technical support and customer service facility.
  • Security - we offer credit card fraud protection because we understand that it helps increase your confidence in online business. Online fraud protection also helps you minimize the impact of frauds on your business.
  • Shopping Carts - without this facility your online credit card processing service is nothing. Shopping carts allows the customers to keep track of their purchases.
  • Payment Gateway - It automates the transactions between the customer and the merchant. Payment Gateway is a system that processes verifies and accepts the credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant. Business owners are able to accept all kinds of electronic payment through secure internet connections.
  • Virtual Terminal - Virtual terminal is a service that allows manual processing of credit card transactions through means of electronic connection.
  • Credit Card Processing Tools - Apart from providing online credit card processing services, merchant account providers also offer their clients with certain tools that can help them in getting better online credit card processing. Online credit card processing software is one such tool.
  • Expand your Business - online credit card processing allows merchants to expand their business beyond their region. With this facility they become capable of making credit card transactions and accepting payments from around the globe.