Information about SSL payment processing VS. 3D secure

With the online fraud costs increasing every year, it is imperative that businesses secure themselves with premium fraud management tools. Considering this, has installed an up-to-date fraud finding and protection services such as SSL payment processing and 3D Secure in order to:

  • Diminish shoppers - experiences with fraud scams
  • Maximize the number of securely accepted transactions
  • Lessen businesses internal costs

3D Secure

Fundamentally 3D Secure is an innovative technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard (credit and debit cards operated by Visa International and MasterCard International respectively) to secure and protect online credit card transactions and dealings. 3D secure is the architecture which permits a merchant to verify the cardholder with the issuer.

Prospective merchants looking to launch their accounts with Instabill will gain from 3D secure solutions as it provides:

  • MasterCard SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa Compliance
  • Decrease in fraudulent transactions and orders
  • An estimated 80 % decrease in chargebacks and fraud grievances
  • Offer shoppers the comfort and reassurance of secure online transactions
  • Boost in sales volume through augmented shopper confidence levels
  • User friendly interface specially for credit card holders

SSL Payment Processing

SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, an encryption and protection technology utilized in safe and secure online transactions and orders.

Instabill offers its current and potential merchants the facility of SSL payment processing due to these long-term and highly useful benefits:

  • Enhancement in online sales
  • Protects sensitive personal data from hackers
  • Technical support provided to merchants for use of SSL
  • It is utilized not only for websites but also for intranets, extranets, e-commerce website and multiple logical servers
  • Gives the customers and merchants the satisfaction and guarantee of secure hacker-free transactions

Depending on the type of business, the country where your business is located and whether you are able to include 6 months’ credit card processing history with your application Instabill will recommend the most suitable merchant account and payment gateway connection for your online business, providing you with SSL payment processing and 3D secure system to help protect your business.