Types of Support for Online Merchant Accounts

There are different methods of support for online merchant accounts provided by the merchant account providers.

Merchant account transactions must be secure and dependable to boost the customers' confidence in the seller. For this reason, the merchant bank typically sets up a number of support mechanisms to ensure the smooth flow of the transactions and to enable the business owner to make contact and resolve any problems that arise immediately.

Phone Support

Most merchant banks offer a help desk service. The service is of benefit to the seller and the customer. The business owner is able to make contact for basic support information like transaction history and limited technical support. The help desk will have access to the merchant's profile with the bank and be able to answer most questions swiftly and clearly.

The help desk assists the customer with transaction information should there be some payment problem or billing conflict. Often, when a customer has a billing issue regarding online merchant accounts, the credit card company will refer them to the merchant bank as a contact to straighten out the problem or to get additional information.

Online Merchant Account Support

Some merchant accounts have online support to help the merchant resolve problems with payment matters. The online merchant account support can be in the form of technical assistance using live chats or email communications with tech representatives.

Live chat is usually used for urgent matters such as the cessation of transactions from the account or the inability to access the transaction area. Email support handles non-urgent informational issues that the help desk does not handle and website problems.

Website Support

One of the broader support areas that are given with merchant accounts online is website support. It may come with an extra fee, but website support is very helpful to the business owner. This allows for account testing, hosting and implementation of the software. The technicians handle a greater deal of the website activity and do more to ensure the security and smoothness of the credit card transactions.

Merchant Support

With any new account, the business owner will want to become familiar with the way it works, the potential problems and the means to find solutions. Merchant training is available in the form of informational booklets and software programs that give an overview of the account set up, background information and means for accessing further information. It will also give information on how to maintain the merchant account online, how to access reporting, troubleshooting and who to contact for what sort of problems.