How do some companies offer instant merchant accounts

The fact is the merchant account providers offer an instant application process rather than an instant merchant account.

Instant merchant accounts are offered by merchant service providers who have established stable working relationships with banks domestically and offshore, so that when they recommend a merchant for a merchant account, the application gets fast approval.

The marketing of the term instant merchant account is simply a gimmick that is used to attract merchants. No legitimate merchant account service can provide an instant merchant account. Yes, they can speed up the process make research for a merchant account easier, offer all the information and resources needed to set up an e-commerce enabled site.

Yet, in the end the whole process can take anything from a week to fifteen days which is a conservative estimate.

The application process is sped up in the following ways:

  1. Quick sign up forms Merchant account providers set up complete and comprehensive application forms that are easy to fill. Thus, merchants can go online and apply for an account in minutes.
  2. Merchant account companies feature all ranges of merchant account services and products within their website and often on one page making research easier.
  3. Most companies offer merchant accounts with free application, no annual fee, low transaction fees and discounted monthly fees. This economical combination is beneficial for webmasters. As it aids them in applying for instant merchant accounts.
  4. Some companies are providing domain and hosting services with cost-effective packages along with the application for instant accounts.