European Union Merchant Accounts

The European merchant accounts have flexible terms and conditions as compared to the others. Merchants from other countries can also apply for the European merchant account however there are certain limitations and security issues that need to be considered. Compared to the US merchant accounts the European merchant accounts tend to have a slightly higher fee structure but that is not a necessity. There are banks and merchant account providers who offer competitive rates for the European merchant accounts too. The European merchant accounts provide services and facilities on a global scale unlike the US merchant accounts.

Why the European Merchant Accounts

A European merchant account can offer you a reliable yet cheap way of spending your money on credit card transactions and payment processing. Credit card processing can cost a fortune and your business can suffer. Finding your business a European merchant account provider is a better option than acquiring a merchant account with a third party provider or a bank. With a merchant account provider who can offer you a European merchant account with various features at a reasonable price you gain an extra benefit over the other e-commerce businesses. With a reliable European merchant account you will be able to get fraud protection and scam control that will help you minimize the impact of possible fraud on your online business.

Whether it is approval time or service quality, the European merchant accounts tend to provide you with reliable and secure facilities especially if you have a dependable merchant account provider. Also called international merchant accounts at time, the European merchant accounts make you internationally available and globally acceptable in the e-commerce market. Many merchants worldwide use the services of the European merchant accounts for better payment processing services. Depending on the type of business you have, the European merchant account can provide you with various benefits for your online business like automated recurring billing options, easy setup, anti-fraud screening, multi-currency processing, ACH processing, API integration for major platforms etc.

At we understand the significance of your online business and that is why our European merchant accounts offer you various merchant account benefits that include several payment processing options like ACH processing along with recurring billing options, multi-currency processing, SSL encrypted servers, online fraud protection, cost-effective solutions, real-time payment processing, high risk and offshore credit card processing and much more.