Tobacco/Cigarette Merchant Accounts

If your business is related to the cigarette or tobacco industry then you are most certainly are from the high risk category of merchants.

Why a Cigarette/Tobacco Merchant Account?

You need a high risk merchant account because with it you not only get worldwide market coverage but if your merchant account accepts high volume sales then you will have absolutely no problems when your business grows and your sales increase.

A high risk merchant account offers you the perfect solution for your business. With a high risk merchant account you no longer have to worry about finding yourself the right acquiring bank or a credit card processor who will not turn you away due to potential charge backs or risk factors. You will be able to process payments online and on secure servers.

Cigarette/Tobacco Merchant Accounts -

Instabill's high risk merchant accounts will enable you to process credit cards online and offer you simple and easy merchant account solutions.

At Instabill we offer cost-effective solutions and real-time processing with a hassle free setup. Along with risk management techniques and a 24/7 customer care we provide our tobacco merchant account customers with online reporting and automated recurring billing options. For our high risk and offshore merchant accounts we offer CVV2, AVS verification, direct debit, bank wire, ACH facility and credit/debit card processing services so our tobacco/cigarette merchant account customers have a wide variety of payment processing options to choose from.

Tobacco merchants also get the benefit of multi-currency payment options along with high volume merchant accounts. Our payment gateway and virtual terminal offer a secure and reliable environment for merchants to process their payments in and our SSL encrypted servers and fraud protection tools provide additional security to our tobacco/cigarette merchant account holders.

Help give your business an additional boost and gain instant benefits with Instabill's Tobacco/Cigarette Merchant Accounts!